Check out local Photographer Gaby J. on her recent vintage downtown las vegas wedding shoot.


We were honored to be able to do the hair for one of Gab J's recent confetti themed vintage and mid-century elopement. Make sure to check her website for the full set of images of this shoot here.

How to clean your make-up brushes


How often do you really need to clean your makeup brushes—and what’s the best way to do it?


If you're hoping we're going to tell you that—good news!—a new study has found we're all washing our brushes way too much, then you're about to be let down. The fact of the matter is, like flossing and all the other boring but very important things in life, cleaning our makeup tools is something we need to get serious about. “I clean my brushes after every client,” says makeup artist Jillian Dempsey, “but if you’re just using yours on yourself, you should clean them at least once a week to prevent dirt and bacteria from building up and causing blemishes.” There are plenty of brush-specific washes on the market (Dempsey uses Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleaner, but a gentle face wash, like Cetaphil, works just as well. Make sure to wash your brushes in the direction of the bristles to prevent fraying (and only use harsher soaps like dish soap when they’re in need of a heavy-duty deep cleaning), then shake out the excess water, press the bristles with a paper towel, and lay them flat on a towel to air-dry. Store them inside your medicine cabinet (try sticking them in a chic, emptied out Diptyque candle holder) or in a clean pouch where they won’t collect dust.

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Fun Extension Placements

Now that you know the basics on how to apply your Dollheads Hair Extensions, here are a couple fun ways to apply them...

The side swept

dollheads Side swept diagram.png

This application method is awesome for braids, up-dos,  or any hair style that you like pulled to one side.

TIP: all the pieces need to be applied on a downward 45 Degree angle.  Like so \  not straight --

1st Make your first parting an inch from the top of your ear to the nape of your neck on the desired side. Apply a 2 clip piece.
2nd Make your next section an inch above the last. On your diagonal parting place a 3 clip piece.
3rd Continue working on a diagonal parting across the back of your head, apply the second 3 clip and then an other 2 clip.
4th Place the last 2 clip on the side of your head that you plan on styling your hair. Place it just above the ear, just below the first 2 clip you applied.
5th Lastly place the 2 single clips above your last section.

Now all your length and volume is added throughout the back of your head and one side. Perfect placement for a fun braid or a classy up-do. The options are endless! 

The "V"

Applying your extensions with the V method is great when blending a tricky hair cut or when using two packs of extensions. Using two packs of extensions with the V method is the perfect way to achieve that long, voluminous BOMBSHELL hair!!!

dollheads extensions diagram_2 pack v diagram.png

TIP: Just like the side swept method, the V application requires diagonal partings.  Like so \  /

1st Make your first parting an inch from the top of your ear to the nape of your neck on both sides of your head. Apply a 3 clip piece to each side. This should cover all the way from the nape to above the ear, close to the hair line. Doing so gives your hair a full solid looking perimeter.
2nd Make your next section an inch above the last. On your diagonal parting place a 2 clip piece on each side.
3rd Place the last 2 clip on a horizontal parting right at the occipital bone centered in the back of the head.
4th Last, add the single clips on a horizontal parting on each side of the head above the ear. Wherever they are needed depending on the haircut

Find the Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

 Before / After

Before / After

There are certain women who just look amazing with bangs. Their forehead fringe flatters their face perfectly, making their eyes pop while giving them a youthful, vibrant and sexy look. Then there's the rest of us.

Maybe you've tried bangs in the past, only to end up looking like your third-grade picture or hating the way the tiny sprigs stuck to your forehead. Or maybe you're in the frustrating process of growing them out because they never quite looked like that celebrity photo you brought to the salon. Suffice to say, most of us have experienced bangs at one point in our lives with less than desirable results, and yet they continue to surface on runways, red carpets and tabloid covers, where fun updos have added dimension, and it seems like your styling options double.

So how do you know which one is right for you? Start by looking at the shape of your face:


Long face: Bangs diminish the length of a long face. Typically a long face has a high forehead and when bangs cover it, the face is shortened with an illusion of more width to the face. Longer bangs are best. They can be blunt for a stronger, trendier look or edges can be softened and unforced.   

Oval face: An oval face can wear a bang that's angled and shorter. A razored bang is the most feminine because it has flow and texture. Oval is considered the perfect face to wear all styles of bangs, which is why heavy bangs that curve down on the sides are perfect. You can also wear them super short and right to the hairline for the edgiest of styles!   

Round face: Bangs that are a little shorter in the middle give length to a round face making it appear more oval. Bangs can be airy and wispy so they show more forehead, which will also add length. An asymmetric bang is great too because it diverts the eye.

Heart face: A blunt bang, cut straight across just below the eyebrows will cover the forehead and soften a pointed chin. Because the forehead can be a bit wide on this face shape, a side-swept fringe is ideal. Heart-shape faces also look great with choppy bangs that are long enough to push to one side for versatility.   

Square face: This is the perfect face for a long, wispy, angled bang because it cuts the square dimension so the eye travels on a diagonal rather than horizontal. The shape of the face is flattered this way because it gives length to the face. A blunt bang would square off the face even more.

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Fishtail Braid

Braids are here to stay! Headbands and braids are two hair trends that will never go out of style. If you need a hairstyle that keeps your hair back but doesn’t give you that horrible headband headache, this is the look for you.

Today there are so many hair braid styles to choose from.  It has become one of the most glamourous looks on the red carpet. It is super easy to achieve and there are so many helpful tutorials that can help you learn how to complete the look in just few steps.

I never thought I will be able to achieve the fishtail braid look on my own. Fishtail braid has always looked so complicated to me until my friend Kate showed me how to get it done. Since then it is my winning look. Every time I use the fishtail braid style I get so many compliments! Trust me everyone will be asking you how to get it done and you would love to respond by saying: “oh it is so easy”...  Believe it or not, it is easy, so here are some simple steps to help you with your new winning look.

Hope you will find this helpful Dolls… XoXo