3 Parties. 3 looks to rock for the holidays

The holidays…  there here!!

There are so many parties to attend. You have the friend and office parties to name a few and the big one, the Family dinner party. I always want to look my best at any party I’m invited too, but I also know how my hair makes a big difference on my final look. Here are 3 different inspirational looks for this holiday season.





The Office Party – show your other side

For your office party look, you want to make sure everyone notices you.  This is the time of the year to be fashionable, little edgy and different (it’ll help your office crush to take notice and see another side of you).

I suggest wearing your hair down, add some volume and edge, throw some big sexy curls on and you are done! No one in the room will pass by you without saying “hello”





 The Friends Party

The Friends Party




The family dinner party- nothing like family

The family party dinner could be the tricky one. I don’t see my family as often as I would like too, so when the holiday’s season this is here, this is the time to make a statement and look my best.
    Make sure to keep it classy and fashionable, my favorite look this year was definitely The Messy Side Bun, it is so easy to create and has always helped me look stylish and glamorous.

 The Office Party

The Office Party




The Friend’s Party - glam it up

The friends party or as I like to think of it as ‘the fun party’. This is the party where you can completely be yourself! You are around the people who know you the best.   

Be creative and edgy as you like, theres no judgment in this room!







 The Family Dinner

The Family Dinner

This year was a great year for me, I am blessed with amazing friends and family and I found some amazing deals while shopping for gifts. Two words “online shopping!”.  With this kind of year I definitely need to make a statement and with the side bun, I know I will.

Well Dolls I hope that helped! I am sure you will all look fabulous in each one of these looks. Don’t forget to share it with us, we would love to be inspired by you! @dollheadslv

Have a Merry Christmas! XoXo