Hair Powder


Hair Powder

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Thicker & Fuller hair in seconds, hypoallergenic, all natural, water & wind resistant color -matching and indistinguishable from natural hair.

The advance keratin hair fibers are charged with magnetic static so they interact and bond with your existing hair for a totally natural look.  It is completely undetectable and will stay in place all day, all night, through sweat, rain and wind. It's only removed by shampooing your own hair!

Approximately 100 applications

  • Made from same protein of your natural hair.
  • Works with any styling tool use wish.
  • No stain. Hair fibers is not a liquid and color will not run even when wet. 
  • Shampoos off only. 
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How to use:
Dry and comb hair. Hold the container 2 inches over the thinning area  sprinkle it VERY gently on the top of the thinning hair. Using your hand lightly pad and shape the area. The fibers must fall on your existing hair until it turns so thick that the scalp becomes less visible.

How to remove:
Simply shampoo your hair as you usually do.

Color: Auburn



Color: Black

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