Why Dollheads...

At Dollheads we use 100% Remy Hair.  With so many choices when deciding what hair extensions to buy, it  can be quit overwhelming when making a decision on the best product for you.

To keep things simple and to help you make the right decision, answer the following.


Would you like a temporary or permanent hair extension application?


Answer: Temporary hair extensions

If your answer is temporary hair extensions, you should consider trying our clip in extension.
They are easy to use, applications time is about 5-10 minutes, they come in two different length 18”/21”   and you can put them in and out as you like. Same goes for our pony tail and hair bangs. Those pieces will make a big different in minutes and can give you a different and exciting new look in minutes. None of the temporary hair extensions use any glue or heat. 

Answer: Permanent hair extensions

If your answer is permanent hair extension, you should consider using our bead on track hair extensions or our skin weft hair extensions. Those two methods are fast and easy.  It takes about an hour to complete full application set.


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