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Hello, lovelies!

We have all had that fantasy when we were young kids running around with our Barbies.

“Mom! I want to be this pretty when I grow up.”

Common stories of nostalgia, aren’t they? We all grew up and learned our own unique style to create an identity. Some of us mastered the cut-crease smokey eye while some of us just kept looking at them wondering if we would ever get it that perfect.

And now there is this special occasion approaching and you want to look in the mirror and say to yourself, “Dang, I slayyy!”

Don’t know how to get there? Well, let us help you get there. Here at Dollhead, we make sure that you get your perfect makeup done so you can look like the Barbie you grew up with. Whatever might be your choice, we’re here and up for it to help you create it and that too at real reasonable rates. Do check our homepage for the listed amount of the services that we provide.

Speaking of serviceswe provide hair styling, full face makeup, bridal makeup and other

packages. Our staff will make sure that it is customized according to your needs and

expectations. You are free to interact and communicate your choices to our staff that will

comprehensively help you make decisions. If you like a certain style but aren’t too sure if it will look good or not, we are always ready to help you.


We would like to address the bridal makeup separately because every woman wants to feel like a beautiful princess on her special day. It’s her day and hers only. We would be more than happy to choose your palate and make sure that you get the best of services. We also have airbrush makeup available.

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